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I lived two separate lives for years....

Part of me was confident and unstoppable, grounded in years of training in meditation, combat arts and mindset development.

Meanwhile another part of me dealt with business frustration, relationship challenges and depression. 

That all changed when I figured out how to mesh ancient Warrior strategies and techniques for personal growth with my business and relationships in a way that makes sense for driven modern MEN like you and me.

Maybe you're sick of being stuck and frustrated, up one day and down the next, not getting where you want in life.

That's why I'm giving away this Warrior Edge training course for free...just add your email below for immediate access!

When I was totally stuck in my life - relationship failing, depressed and frustrated, business not working how I wanted - I didn't find a lot of great resources that really spoke to me as a fierce modern man, a protector and provider for my family.

Therapy sucked, 'The Secret' seemed flaky, and just working harder wasn't cutting it.

Within a week, two men I knew with similar problems fatally shot themselves. I got serious as a heart attack about getting back into flow and building a life that mattered to me.

That's why this course is free. Men travel from around the US and internationally for training in Warrior Protocol programs. But for every man who does, I know many are left behind. This course is designed to give effective, free training that WILL have a massive effect on your life IF you go through it and apply the lessons with conviction.

In a series of videos, audios and short implementation guides, together we'll cover:

- Using microstressors to be more effective under pressure
- How to use your physical body to access presence, power and confidence on demand
- How to shift your emotions rapidly and effectively to feel great most of the time 
- How to quickly and fiercely identify and destroy the things inside you holding you back from success
- The lie of 'balance'
- How to use Warrior Strategic Living concepts to maximize ROI on your limited time

And much more...
"Folks - make sure you grab Simon's training!
 I just put into action Simon's Warrior Protocol challenges from his recent free training your face badass wisdom!" 
- Jason L
"I've built habits into my life that I've always wanted to have, but didn't have the personal accountability to follow through on. 
My income has increased, my presence has increased, I deadlifted 275 yesterday for the first time ever... and... my love life.... it's gotten better too!

Never met someone with so much power, passion and presence as  Simon Smart. SO, if you know you have MORE inside you and you want to UNLEASH yourself on the world, get in contact with this beast of a man and he will strip away your bullshit to reveal the warrior inside."
Jon, Adventupreneur & Premium Copywriter Founder
Simon is a badass and represents the exact mindset required for success!
Mike M, Digital Advertising Consultant
Men - if you're an entrepreneur and you know you need to step up your game in life, find a great mentor, and a tribe of other men who share similar goals and challenges in life...

Do yourself a quick favor, take a quick look at what this man has to say, and make a decision as to whether you're interested in taking the next step and finding out more about how it can help you.
Ryan, Business Consultant