'What's Stopping YOU Becoming The Powerful, Decisive Man You Were Born To Be - And What's It Costing You?'
Stop me if this sounds familiar...

You work your ass off in business, but suffer the frustration of never feeling like you're hitting the level of success you KNOW you're capable of...

Your life  moves from crisis to crisis...between business results, your fitness, your spiritual clarity and your relationships, something is ALWAYS falling apart...

You avoid accessing your FULL POWER & POTENTIAL to cater to the comfort levels of the people around you - ultimately  limiting yourself to a life of mediocrity and wondering what 'could have been'...

You feel like a lost lion, surrounded by sheep, craving the company of fellow lions who push you to BE MORE.

Based on 20 years of high level martial arts, meditation, training thousands of soldiers and beating suicidal depression - Warrior Protocol is the training blueprint MODERN MEN like you need to LEVEL UP and access the POWER to crush the obstacles life throws at you...

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As successful men, other people look at us and think we have it all.

But inside, we often feel stuck, confused, and drifting without a clear sense of self or purpose.

Warrior Protocol was designed for men who want to 10x their sense of mission and develop the Presence, Power and Performance to carry it out - stepping into their power as men and warriors to make a dent in the universe.


Warrior Protocol Training and Coaching covers the following topics and more:

Expand your identity and capacity to achieve higher levels of results

Create the habit of powerfully strengthening each fundamental area of your life EVERY day
AKA Do the Work Warrior!

Learn powerful tools for becoming the powerful, calm, proactive center of your life
rather than just running from fire to fire like a lost child.

Learn the key to developing the relaxed, centered yet fierce and loving attitude of a high level martial artist or warrior without spending years in the dojo or on the battlefield.
Access power without the distraction of ego

By concentrating your power and being in the moment, you’ll discover how much more present, clear, attentive and influential you can be…
critical skill for up leveling your performance in your business, your workouts, your relationships and anything else you take on.


Warrior Protocol is NOT for guys who:

✖️Are not ready for serious growth and change in all areas
✖️ Who would rather make excuses that do the work
✖️ Who insist on sticking to the same story and way of being that got them 
 ✖️Where they are today and won’t get them any further
 ✖️Don’t have the commitment to improvement to get raw, get honest and deal with their baggage
✖️ Don’t want to be held accountable to the change they’ve asked for

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We'll talk about Warrior Protocol training, but my goal on every discovery call is to invest time in helping you crack the door into a larger world, where a better version of you exists - where you've fully stepped into the Presence, Power and Purpose that is already inside you.

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Ancient Warrior Techniques For Modern Men
Who Is This Guy and Why Should I Listen?
By age 17, Warrior Protocol Founder & Lead Coach Simon Smart was running around fields with a rifle leading platoons on training exercises as a part of British Army Officer Cadet Training. He spent college studying law by day, working security jobs at night and fighting in karate tournaments at the weekend.

In a moment of clarity, he confronted the fact that he no longer felt called to the attorney career path, and moved to Osaka, Japan to spend years studying a selection of traditional martial arts, alongside rigorous spiritual and manhood training.

Feeling most at home in the company of soldiers and action takers, he went on to help train thousands of soldiers in close quarter survival skills before they deployed to Iraq & Afganistan.

After moving to the US to get married to his wife Michelle, and taking on the responsibility of raising a family in the wake of the financial crash, he made the mistake of setting aside much of who he had become to better fit into the corporate consulting world. Although finding success and recognition, this path eventually lead to crushing depression - a battle which would lead several years while he studied nutritional, exercise, neuropharmacology, NLP and whatever else would give him an edge over his mental state.

Warrior Protocol training was born from this struggle, and being forced to reconfigure all his previous training away from the world of the combat focused warrior, towards a program better suited to the unique challenges of a modern male entrepreneur.

Although he still consults with companies, Simon's primary calling and mission lays in pushing men to be more through private coaching and small group events - to deal with the bullshit in their own heads, so that they can access authentic natural power at all levels of their being, with the outcome of huge results in business, relationships, health and spiritual clarity.

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